Stefan Schultze

composition & piano


Solo Piano

Sound Habitats
Sound Habitats is an hour-long journey through manifold sound landscapes. The compositions are like audio images created through pauses, acceleration, deceleration and overlapping of time, partly organically flowing, partly static electronic-sounding patterns.
The Pulsepusher Suite For Prepared Piano
The Pulsepusher Suite was composed and premiered for the occasion of John Cage’s hundredth birthday. The fifty-minute-long suite revolves around the manipulation of the inner space of a grand piano with different objects. The resulting sounds negate the familiar sounds of the instrument. Influences include sound art, drone and noise music, as well as techno and minimalist music.

Simon Rose - Stefan Schultze Duo

Simon Rose (baritone, alto saxophone)
Stefan Schultze (prepared piano)

Here are two artists who have one thing in common: the passionate will to improvise and to penetrate into the core of the sound to make their instruments almost physically tangible.
Rose frees his music of the unnecessary. The language of his instrument is primal and is reduced to sheer exposed emotion. In Stefan Schultze and his prepared piano Rose finds an ally in the restless exploration of sound. After winning the WDR-Jazzprize for composition in 2010 Schultze was drawn to examine free improvisation. Since then he has been enhancing the possibilities of his piano through extended techniques and preparation.

Schultze Ehwald Duo
Stefan Schultze (piano)
Tom Rainey (drums)
Peter Ehwald (saxophone)
"The music is a wonderfully romantic / lyrical contemporary Jazz, very melodic but absolutely non-trivial. The tunes are masterfully woven by both composers, clearly a continuation of the European Classical Neoromanticism transferred into the Jazz idiom. There is also a certain elegant minimalism, which is manifested by the "less is more" approach, where the essential notes and chords are stated without much ornamentation."
Schultze Ehwald Duo / Adam Baruch, (February 2015)

Stefan Schultze - Large Ensemble

Composition & Musical Director:

Stefan Schultze

Woodwinds: Heiner Wiberny (alto, fl, cl, soprano), Charlotte Greve (alto, fl, cl, soprano), Stefan Karl Schmid (ts, cl, bcl), Peter Ehwald (ts, cl, fl), Heiko Bidmon (bcl, bari)

Trumpets & Flugel: Benny Brown & Felix Meyer, Florian Menzel, Volker Deglmann, John-Dennis Renken

Trombones: Simon Harrer, Janning Trumann, Tim Hepburn, Jan Schreiner

Rhythm Section: Martin Schulte (guit) Jürgen Friedrich (piano) Matthias Akeo Nowak (bass) Dani Schröteler (drums)

Composer and pianist Stefan Schultze and his Large Ensemble present experimental big band. From a musical point of view, Schultze, who won the WDR Jazz Prize in 2010, is difficult to grasp; he tries to compose and play without stereotyped thinking between traditional hints and whimsical advances. For him the joy and the power of making music with a large ensemble are at the forefront, as is the non-pigeonholeable openness of the members and the simultaneous non-commitment to a specific style.

"His music is among the most original that the international big band scene has to offer. His compositions are full of surprising developments, full of original ideas, full of breaks in style and not the least, full of unusual sounds. Stefan Schultze continues to be a master of contrast and diversification.”

Odilo Clausnitzer, Deutschlandfunk JazzFacts 05/2015 :: Stefan Schultze – Large Ensemble feat. Wu Wei (Erratic Wish Machine, 2015)


Helen Bledsoe (bass flute, alto flute, flute, piccolo) Frank Gratkowski (alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute) Holger Werner (contrabass clarinet, clarinet) Stefan Schultze (prepared piano) Robert Landfermann (double bass) John Schröder (drums)
Guest soloist:
Herb Robertson (trumpet)


Hanna Jursch (vocals) Peter Ehwald (saxophone) Stefan Schultze (piano) Peter Schwebs (double bass) Time Warnecke (drums)

guest soloists:

Claudio Puntin (cl)
Mateusz Smoczyński (vln)

Established on the international scene, schultzing plays both sides of the Atlantic, north and south of the equator. Some of the groups’ highlights include performances at the international jazz festivals in Costa Rica and Peru. Stefan Schultze (piano), bandleader and WDR Jazz Prize Winner of 2010, studied in New York as did band members Peter Ehwald (saxophones and clarinet) and Peter Schwebs (bass). The cosmopolitan air of the band is reflected in their compositions and arrangements. Influences of vocal jazz, world music, and classical music meld into a new fascinating sound, making the group an extraordinary crossover project.

“schultzing are one of the most amazing bands of the German jazz scene. […]“
cd aktuell, 04/2011 :: schultzing (federleicht, 2011)