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I have joined the Bandcamp community. Here you can find my latest productions.


My new solo project HYPERPLEXIA – Remapping the Piano

A 60-Minute Audiovisual Performance will be premiered at MOERS festival. Click here to look at the artwort by Lorenz Klingebiel.

The Buchla Suite – A Handcrafted Tribute To Morton Subotnick

The Buchla Suite – A Handcrafted Tribute To Morton Subotnick was released on October 30, 2023 by the Berlin-based label Jazzwerkstatt.

Jazzfacts Deutschlandfunk

Listen to Thomas Loewner introducing two upcoming releases by Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble and Schultze Ehwald Rainey, recorded and co-produced by Deutschlandfunk, Cologne.

Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble – The Levels

The new album is out. For more info click here.


While the new album of STAMP with Tomasz Dąbrowski, Peter Ehwald, Andi Lang & Moritz Baumgärtner is in the works we are looking forward to a concert tour in April this year.

Schultze Ehwald Rainey

We are very happy to announce that our second album with Schultze Ehwald Rainey - Seven Whites has been released by Jazzwerkstatt. In May/June we will play concerts at Come Closer Jazzfestival Kranichfeld, Lana Jazzfestival and A-Trane among others.

Stefan Schultze Septet

I am really happy to announce the release of the septet recordings Turbalento with Herb Robertson, Helen Bledsoe, Frank Gratkowski, Holger Werner, Robert Landfermann & John Schröder.

HKB Bern

Since fall 2020, I'm a member of the faculty at Bern University of the Arts, Switzerland: www.hkb.bfh.ch.
As the director of the Master’s program for Music Composition / Contemporary Jazz I'm looking forward to working with the students.


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